Zergs are Ruining the Game

Either go to a different elite area or entrance of the elite area.

I agree you are basically forced into joining the zerg group. At the same time the X hours till reset dependent on each player completely dumb design. Thats means you are forced into a certain timeslot daily. The way it should be 8s like every other f*cking MMO on the market, daily items reset at a certain time.
Lets say reset is 12am pst. If I finish my 3 faction dailies at 11:59pm I should be able to knock out the following days 3 in 1 minute = 12am

Nah, the developers shouldn’t ruin content and the way many people enjoy playing to appease how you want to play.

five man challenging content is cool, but it doesnt need to be more rewarding, just similarly rewarding, then the player chooses how they prefer to play.

Loot chance from enemies is already basically reduced in zergs. Elite chests are limited to once a day.

Killing monsters should be more rewarding, if they want people to kill monsters.

However, you will mostly get your wish. The next patch will reduce open world monster WM/loot gains. People will even more likely train and avoid fighting elites in the open world, however Arenas and Dungeons will be more rewarding.

5 man content should be seperate and give nice rewards. The Arena system and dungeon system are meant for this, and they will actually be relatively more rewarding after the next patch.

Our server zerg is MASSIVE now… Its so laggy, I cant see 3/4 of the zerg and I cant see a single enemy… Really enjoyable experience xD

You teleport from chest to chest to finish your daily chests somehow and thats it… yay! ^^

So your saying keep content so difficult players are forced to create a zerg. And thats fun? Its not engaging and definitely should not be rewarding since its just a faceroll each time.

I dont think ppl play this way bc they want to, they play this way bc they have to

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