Zero In-house testing before rolling out stuff on live servers?

The following questions are on my mind…

How…? Just how was this oversighted lol…?
100x more than intended gold compensation…
Are there no testing before releasing stuff? Seems like something that would have been quite easy to notice if a single compensation was tested before launching it? :thinking:


I’m quite sad that I missed the opportunity to experience being a rich player for a day :frowning: .

They dont have a PTR

I’m gonna have a wild guess as why it’s taking so long.

AGS previously said they have an audit trail for all transactions; which is how they planned on catching dupers and those that knowingly traded duped items.

If AGS don’t have a rollback point, some bright spark will say “Hey! We can use the audit system to rollback all transactions up to and including the compensation. And it will have the benefit of keeping quest and trading house up to date because they’re not affected.”

I have 20 years of enterprise programming experience and while this idea is kinda smart, it actually scares the hell out of me.

We’ll never know what the hell is going on, but I bet it’s something like this.
Also, they’ll inevitably screw it up.


Well their announcement says only the player characters affect by this will be rolled back. In order to only rollback certain characters it would have to be by doing this. The issue is any interaction those characters had with other unaffected characters would also need to be rolled back creating extra overhead when the best thing to do would be to restore to straight before the servers came back from the patch maintenance earlier where there should be a rollback point if they followed any form of standard precautions for an MMO.

Unfortunately standard practice for an MMO would also not involve rolling something out to your highest population region of servers first instead of testing it on lower pop regions in the event an issue exactly like this.


it didn’t happen for everyone. I logged in and didn’t get a single cent :stuck_out_tongue:

If by now they still haven’t realized their limitations and what they can and can’t do with relative competence, then I don’t know what to say…

Backups of prod systems are overrated though

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