Zone switch lag needs to be addressed

This issue has been noticeable since open beta. and is affecting open world PVP a lot.

I’m talking about when you cross an invisible line and your area chat resets, as if you had relogged on fast traveled to a new city. There is a few seconds of lag when you cross to a new zone, and it completely stops all functionality. It’s not a bit of a delay, everything literally stops moving for 4 to 5 seconds, then you are teleported to wherever the server thinks your character should be.

Open world battles where factions try to defend their territory from being put into conflict can be almost completely ruined if a fight happens in between two ‘‘zones’’. Due to people lagging to hell every time they step too far in a certain direction. The issue get exacerbated with more people as well. You will get hit by invisible CC, be teleported to an enemy because they pulled you even though you didn’t see the animation, suddenly be teleported 50 meters in a random direction, and the most annoying, have that guy who was right in front of you teleport 50 meters in a random direction.

I understand these instances might be necessary for server health, but their locations seem to be completely arbitrary. You never know when you are going to cross into a new instance and get ass blasted by lag. It seriously ruins a lot of the fun in open world PVP.

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